Barnes and Noble Working on Nook Color Successor

Barnes and Noble, the surprise entrant in the tablet space in 2010, which had a spectacular hit on its hands with the Nook Color is apparently working on a successor to the Android powered Nook Color. The Nook Color was launched as an ereader to compete with the Amazon Kindle, but since it offered powerful hardware, it was soon hacked and modified into a full blown tablet. It is currently the cheapest usable Android tablet, not counting the many cheap Chinese knockoffs. Seeing the success of the Nook Color, even Amazon has started working on a cheap Android Kindle tablet.

Today, it was revealed in an SEC filing that Barnes and Noble plans to announce a new electronic book reader on May 24. Following the news, B&N shares closed up 17% on Wednesday, which indicates how positive the expectations for B&N on the street are, should it manage to pull off another success like the Nook Color. The new Nook Color should come with even more powerful hardware and should support Android 3.0 Honeycomb. No other details have been disclosed yet. The timing is quite good, as it may mean that the Nook Color 2 will be available before Amazon’s Kindle tablet.

Watch out for more details and specifications of the Nook Color 2 on May 24.

Nook Color

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