ATI Mobility Radeon HD5xxx Series Announced

ATI launched Dx11 based cards for Desktop users, last year in September-October itself. The HD5xxx series of card from ATI were not only technologically advanced than their predecessor, they even offered better performance at a lower power consumption. There has always been a very high degree of competition among ATI and Nvidia in the desktop graphics card market but the situation is completely opposite in the Mobile Graphic segment. 13314_large_ATI Mobility 5000-1

ATI today finally launched the Mobileedition of their popular HD5xxx series of graphics card for laptops/notebooks. The Mobility Radeon will include different series like HD 5400, HD 5600, HD 5700 and HD 5800. As the numbering suggests, HD 580xx series will be the bestof the lot. ATI claims that the HD5xxx series provide up to 4 times more performance compared to its predecessor, Mobility Radeon 4xxx series. The Mobility Radeon 5xxx series of graphics card are based on 40nm fabrication process, and they support GDDR5 memory, provided the OEM decides to implement it on the card. Also supported are HDMI 1.3, ATI’s EyeInfinity technology which allows a user to use more than 2 monitor at once and Display Port. The ATI Mobility Radeon series will be like their desktop counterparts, first graphics card in the mobile segment to support Dx11.

P.C. Wang, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Notebook Business Unit of ASUS said “ASUS has worked closely with AMD for years to ensure that we’re collaborating to bring the newest and most compelling notebook technologies to our customers first, and with the DirectX 11-capable family of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 500 series graphics and the ASUS G73 and the new N series of notebooks, we’re continuing that leadership.

Asus will be the first laptop manufacture to release laptops using ATI Mobility Radeon 5xxx series of graphics card.

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