Asus Unveils The World’s First 9-inch Touchscreen eBook Reader

asus eee reader dr900
Asus recently launched the world’s first 9 inch touchscreen eBook reader, the Asus Eee Reader DR900. It offers 2.25 times the reading area compared to 6 inch eBook readers. It comes with a 9 inch capacitive touchscreen display with a virtual keyboard, which can be used to annotate reading material, make handwritten notes and even draw sketches.

Asus Eee Reader DR900 is 10mm thick and it weigh just 440g. Its 2GB internal storage allows you to store up to 5000 eBooks. You can even increase the storage via SD Card slot. It features a 9 inch SiPix electrophoretic display, WebKit-based browser, Wi-Fi Connectivity, optional 3G, two weeks battery life and so on.

This device allows you to read non-stop for up to two weeks with Wi-Fi disabled and up to 4 days with Wi-Fi enabled. You can even convert your eBooks into audio books instantly, with the help of its high quality text-to-speech, which currently supports 23 languages. The price and release date of this device is not announced yet.

2 thoughts on “Asus Unveils The World’s First 9-inch Touchscreen eBook Reader”

  1. Hi,
    I am really exciting to buy it.Please let me know wher can i buy in Delhi,India and let me know the price of ASUS Eee Reader DR900.


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