Asus Transformer Prime Gets a GPS Fixing Software Update

The Asus Transformer Prime was easily one of the most anticipated tablets of 2011. It was the first ever quad-core tablet to be available to the general masses. Apart from the Tegra 3, Asus improved the Prime in nearly all departments compared to its predecessor- the Transformer – by including an 8MP rear camera, an IPS+ display – which is actually visible outdoors, better battery life, better performance, and an aluminium body.

The only thing it managed to worsen compared to the original Transformer is the GPS performance. Due to the aluminium construction on the Prime, the GPS chip inside the device struggles to communicate with the┬ásatellites in the space. The problem is actually because of a design flaw, and there is no way Asus can fix it now. The company has in fact, even updated the Prime’s official spec sheet to remove GPS from its list of features.

The company however is still trying to improve the GPS performance on the Prime by tweaking the software part. The company has started rolling out a new software update which aims at improving the GPS performance of the tablet. The update is being rolled out for Prime owners who are running either Ice Cream Sandwich or Honeycomb. Sadly, quite a few Prime owners did not notice any improvement in the GPS performance of the Prime after installing the update.


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