Asus Set To Launch Asus ROG Mars Limited Edition Graphics Card

Asus is soon going to launch the Asus ROG Mars Limited Edition Graphics Card which contains 2xGTX 285 along with a total of 4GB of GDDR3 memory running at 2484Mhz having a memory bus width of 512-bit. The core of both the GTX285 is clocked at 648Mhz along with 480stream processors running at 1476Mhz. All this translates into The Asus ROG Mars Limited Edition graphics card to be faster than 2*GTX295.asus_rog_mars

The GTX295 has 1792MB of GDDR3 memory and has a memory bus width of 448-bit. The ROG’ in the name of the graphics card stands for Republic Of Gamers’. Since this is a limited edition card only thousand pieces of the Asus ROG Mars will be made with each having marked its own unique number. This monster of a Graphics Card will cost *only* 1700$ when launched which I guess makes this graphics card the costliest ever Graphics Card in the history of Computing. In this time of world recession I wonder how many people will actually buy this graphics card at a whooping price of 1700$. NVIDIA’s arch rival ATi has been cutting prices of its graphics card thus making them more VFM. One example of this is the ATi HD4770 which only has a 128bit memory bus width bus and costs less than 100$ but is nothing short of a pure Value For Money product.

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