Asus, Gigabyte Demo’s SATA-600 and USB 3.0 ready motherboards.

Asus during CeBIT 2009 showcased the motherboard P6X58 which had SATA-600 interface. Reports says that the same motherboard i.e. Asus P6X58 which is based on the Intel X58 Chipset was equipped with a USB 3.0 Controller manufactured by NEC. Gigabyte also showcased a motherboard which was equipped with SATA- 600 and USB 3.0 interface and was based on the Intel P55 Chipset.

Insiders say that some of the motherboard manufacturer’s are apprehensive to shift to SATA-600 Controllers because of the limited speed of PCI x1 Interface and compatibility woes. The first generation PCI interface have a speed limit of 250MB/sec which along with the fact that there is no SATA-600 compatible Hard Disk on the market make the motherboard manufacturer’s apprehensive to shift to it.

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