Apple To Release A “TabletBook” Next Year?

If rumours are to be believed then Apple is all set to release a tablet next year in Q1. A report from Apple Insider, confirms that Apple is all set to release a tablet next year which will feature a 10screen and 3G connectivity. The report from Apple Insiders also says that Mr. Steve Jobs has been personally handling the design and looks of the TabletBook.The report also says that Apple is in talk with Verizon Wireless to provide wireless internet access to this device. Most likely, the TabletBook” will be using a processor developed by Apple itself, thanks to the P.A. Semiconductor which Apple took over. Apple had tried the Atom based processors but was unhappy with their power consumption and so they decided to develop a processor on their own for their TabletBook”.

The price of the TabletBook” is expected to be somewhere in between the price of the top of the line iPhone and the base price of a MacBook i.e. around 700-800$ range. People who expect the TabletBook” to cost less than or around 500$ should remember that Steve Jobs had once said, We don’t know how to make a 500$ computer that’s not a piece of junk.

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