Apple Says Sunlight Causes iPhone To Overheat

Apple recently at their World Wide Developer Conference 09′ launched a new iPhone the iPhone 3G S. The iPhone 3G S is no different from iPhone 3G from outside, its the inside which differ. The iPhone 3G S comes with a 600Mhz Processor and 256MB RAM which is double of what the iPhone 3G had. All these hardware changes made the latest version of iPhone very fast compared to its predecessor but with many Apple products recently, even the iPhone 3G S has been facing overheating Issues. Many people have been reporting that their iPhone 3G S becomes extremely hot when used heavily and some people who owned the white iPhone 3G S even said thatHT1871_1 their back white casing had turned pink/brown due to overheating. Soon after, most of the online forums were buzzing with the iPhone 3G S overheating issues.

Apple kept mum on this matter until today. Today Apple said that Sunlight is to be blamed for the iPhone 3G S getting overheated. Apple says that “”leaving it in direct sunlight for extended amounts of time” can lead to the iPhone overheating and not   functioning properly. Apple says -If the interior temperature of the device exceeds normal operating temperatures, you may experience the following as it attempts to regulate its temperature:
The device stops charging
Display dims
Weak cellular signal
Temperature warning screen appears with the message “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”.

You can read more of Apple’s disgusting excuse regarding the iPhone 3G S overheating here. All the products which Apple has been launching recently have been facing a lot of problems. First the SATA Speed being limited in newer Mac Book Pro’s, then the Display issues and now this. Its high time Apple changes the tagline It Just Works  which it uses in its advertising.

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