Apple Releases Two New Firmwares For Mac

Few days ago I had reported that the new MacBook Pro’s equipped with 500Gb Seagate Hard Disk’s where having freezing issue’s followed with a click sound. Well today Apple has released a new firmware with the firmware ID being 0007APM2. This new firmware release will hopefully “reduce certain infrequent noises   made by 7200-rpm drives”, as Apple puts it. Apple says that only users who had purchased their Mac from June 2009 need to update the firmware but then there is no harm in updating the firmware even though you are not facing any problem.


The firmware weighs in only 3.7Mb and users need to use the Hard Drive found under Applications/Utilities to update the firmware. Apple also released another firmware update for all unibody Mac’s sold in 2009 which were most probably using a Broadcom chipset for Wireless Bluetooth facility. Some users were getting very poor Bluetooth reception and so Apple released a new firmware so as to solve the poor Bluetooth range. This firmware update also fixes various bugs and brings in a few performance enhancements as well.

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