Apple MacBook Pro Users Reporting Poor HDD Performance

Apple has had a history of problems with its MacBook/Pro series, iPhone and iPod touch. The latest in this series is that many of the MacBook Pro users have been reporting poor HDD performance. MacBook Pro uses HDD manufactured by Seagate, and Seagate HDD’s have not at all been reliable in the last couple of years. Earlier Seagate was considered to be the best Hard Disk Drive manufacturer but in the last couple of years, Seagate’s HDD failure rate, has shot up. Some people may blame the firmware issue which Seagate HDD’s had atapple-logo one point of time, but the truth is that even before and after the Firmware issue was found/solved Seagate HDD had a high failing rate. Its not confirmed whether Seagate is to be blamed for this problem or not. 

This problem is faced by MacBook Pro owners in which the 500GB Seagate HDD is used. There is already a thread opened about this matter at the Apple forums which is currently 82+pages and has over 1000 comments. Many users have said that they first hear a “click” from their laptop which is most of the time followed by a freeze. Apple is reportedly aware of this issue and is trying to fix it but till then it seems owners of MacBook Pro who shelled out more than 1000$ for their laptops, need to be ‘live’ with this problem

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