Apple Macbook Pro Line-up Refresh Imminent

At the beginning of this year, all the laptop manufacturers updated their notebook line-up to use the new mobile Intel Core i5 and/or Core i7 processors. Only Apple’s Macbook Pro line-up still uses the older generation Core 2 Duo processors. Many people have been criticizing Apple for taking such a long time to update their Macbook Pro line-up. Apple is known to charge a premium for its products. So why would someone pay a premium for something which uses an older generation processor?

Apple Macbook Pro Lineup Refresh

MacRumors reports that a refresh of the Macbook Pro line-up is imminent. The folks at got hold of a screenshot from Microcenter which shows the part numbers of the new Macbook Pros. The screenshot also lists the price of the new Macbook Pros. While no release date was mentioned, rumors suggest that the new updated line-up of Macbook Pro will be released on April 13th. The cheapest 15″ Macbook Pro will now cost 1799$, while the top of the line 17″ Macbook Pro will cost 2299$. No other information about the updated Macbook Pro line-up is available as of now.

It will be interesting to see whether the new Macbook Pros will use the Nvidia Optimus technology and/or will featutre a Dx11 compatible graphics card. Sadly no details are available for the 13Macbook Pro.  

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