Apple iPad/iTablet Rumors Roundup

The Apple Come See Our Latest Creationevent is drawing close. Less than 24 hours are left for the event to start. The rumors of Apple launching a major device, has already been confirmed by Steve Jobs himself. If rumors are to be believed the major device is the iSlate or the iPad or whatever Apple decides to call it in the end. The whole month of January was buzzing with rumors of the iSlate/iPad/iTablet from Apple. Even with so many rumors and leaks, the name of the device has still not been confirmed. Kudos to Apple, who have successfully managed to keep the wraps on the hottest topic of the Internet right now.

Readers might not have forgotten what happened to Google Nexus One? Before the Nexus One event, Google miserably failed to keep the Nexus One under wraps and nearly all the information about the device got leaked. Thus, the event from Google turned out to be nothing more than a boringand official announcement of the Nexus One from Google.

Here we try to look at the obvious questions about the iSlate/iTablet and see what we can infer from the rumors.

What would be its dimensions? What would it look like?

Rumors and leaked pictures of the iPad/iTablet suggest that the device will be quite thin and portable. The device will have a screen size of 10 inches with the touch panels being supplied by Innolux. The leaked pictures of the device show a sleek looking device made of Aluminum, which is trademark Apple style now.


The above picture was posted on TechCrunch, by Curtnis, who said he got hold of the pictures from his friend who works for Apple. Earlier today, we posted a leaked commercial of the iTablet as well.

What would be its specifications? What Would It Run?

Earlier the rumors suggested that the Apple iPad/iTablet will be using the popular Intel Atom processor. Soon another rumor popped up that the iPad/iTablet will be using processors manufactured by P A Semi. Apple had acquired P A Semi 2 years ago. Then again a leaked image stated that the Apple iPad/iTablet will be using a 2.26Ghz low voltage Intel Core 2 Duo Processor.


Whatever the rumors suggest, I can conclude that Apple won’t be using the Intel atom processor in their iTablet device. The Intel Atom processor is too weak for multi-tasking. Apple definitely won’t be equipping their iTablet with underpowered hardware.

Like the hardware, what the iTablet will run on is also not known. Rumors either a lighter version of OS X or a new version of the iPhone OS (v4.0). We had earlier posted some leaked screenshots of the iPhone OS v4.0 here.

What will be its primary target? What will it be priced at?

The size of the iTablet along with its features, gives me a feeling that the device will be primarily targeted towards entertainment. Browsing the web, watching pictures, movies is what the iTablet is supposedly going to excel at. Also since its a so called tabletdevice, taking notes on the go must not be too troublesome either.

The iTablet like all other Apple devices, will of course come at a premium. Rumors suggest that the iTablet can be priced at a range of 600-1000$. My estimation is that the device will be priced within a range of 800$ to 1200$.

Less than 24 hours are left for the Apple event to begin. It will be interesting to see whether Apple launches a iPad/iTablet kind of device or not. They might just launch a new iPhone 4G and announce the new OS 4.0 for iPhone. You never know!

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