Apple iPad having Overheating and Wi-Fi Related Problems

The Apple iPad has joined the list of Apple products which have some hardware issues. Engadget recently took a poll on how many users are facing Wi-Fi related issues with their brand new iPad and a lot of people reported Wi-Fi related issues. Apple today acknowledged that the iPad does have Wi-Fi connectivity issues but they also mentioned that its not a problem with their device. Apple said that these issues are common with some 3rd party dual-band WiFi routers.


Apple says that the iPad drops the Wi-Fi connectivity if multiple networks use the same name or different security settings. Apple suggested that users should use different names for different Wi-Fi networks and same security settings. Many users reported success after trying the remedy suggested by Apple. Aside from the Wi-Fi connectivity problem, some users are even reporting that their iPad heats up and gives a warning message iPad needs to cool down before you can use it.This problem was even faced by PC World Editor, Zach Honig. Apple has not yet commented about this issue.

On a serious note, Apple seriously needs to improve the testing standard and quality of its devices. All of Apple’s product that have been released in the last couple of years has had some sort of issues. The newer iMacs launched by Apple had an issue of display flickering, the refreshed line-up of Mac book Pro had poor hard disk drive performance issue etcetera.

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