iPad 2 Makes It To eBay for For $1,159; Stay Away from Purchasing It

Earlier today, Apple unveiled the . The device is not yet available for pre-orders but will start shipping in the United States on March 11, 2011 and in 26 other countries by March 25, 2011.

iPad 2 eBay

The tablet is priced at the same cost the had, starting out at $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version. The 64GB version of the iPad 2 Wi-Fi version costs $699 and the 3G version costs $829. However, some sellers on eBay are already looking to make a killing out of this price by selling the iPad 2 for $1,159.

The price listed above is for the 64GB 3G version and costs $330 more than the actual retail price. The product though won’t ship until March 22 or March 23 and will cost you another $20 for shipping costs.

I also found several other iPad 2 listings on eBay for other versions, for example this iPad 2 version costs about $999 and though it does not list which version it will be shipping. The seller is also shipping the iPad 2 between March 7 and March 9. This listing is a total sham because Apple itself is not selling the iPad 2 till March 11.

eBay sellers have been known to make a huge killing on Apple based products in countries such as India and wherever the they are not available legally. Users are OK with paying a premium for the products, but make sure to know the facts before you order the device. If you are not able to purchase the iPad 2 in your country, you are better off having it bought by a friend or relative rather than using the eBay channel.

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