iPad Rumor #132: Apple Working on a 6 inch iPad?

Apple iPad 2As the expected iPad 2 launch date nears, new rumors about the iPad 2 are cropping up daily. First, it was rumored that the iPad 2 will have a very high resolution retina display with double the resolution of the original iPad. Then the word on the street was that the iPad 2 would have dual cameras, as well as USB ports, and would be launched on April 2 or 9. We still don’t know if any of those were true, but now, we have another rumor, which is even more incredible.

Today, SuperApple.cz claimed that Apple is working on two iPad models – with screen sizes of 5.7 inches and 6 inches. It’s not clear whether those models will be a smaller iPad or a larger version of the iPod Touch.

Apple has apparently worked on various screen sizes before deciding on the 9.7 inch display on the iPad, which it thinks is the ideal size for a tablet. Steve Jobs had also criticized the Galaxy Tab, saying that 7 inch tablets were dead on arrival.

7 inch tablets were definitely more portable, and more suited for gaming, but considering that with the launch of Honeycomb, all the major Android tabelt manufacturers are moving to 10 inch tablets, we think Apple was right in hindsight.

This device could very well be a bigger iPod Touch, which would be much more suited for videos and games though. We will have to wait for the official announcement for more details, but I’m definitely not betting on Apple launching a 6 inch iPad anytime soon.

via 9to5Mac

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  • The key phrase is “Apple is working” – so, sooner or later we’ll see something new for sure! Presently in my future list – new iPad, new Playbook, new PS3, and new iPhone. I don’t have any that “old” and not going to buy present models since they are kinda outdated with all the rumors…