Android Powered Tablet PC from India
By on December 25th, 2009

An Indian startup, Notion Inc. from Hyderabad has designed a tablet PC running on the Android platform. The device has been built on the Nvidia Tegra’s system on a chip technology and can also act as an e-reader, as told by the company CEO Rohan Shravan.

The product will be on display at the Consumer electronics Show in Las Vegas, in January next year. The 10.1 inch large screen of the product needed a lot of tweaking on the Android OS, which is specifically built to serve small screen devices.

The UI of the tablet PC, will also be quite different from the Android OS and it will be targeted to the business as well as the youth of the tech-savvy part of the Indian population. The company is entering into partnerships with OEMs in Taiwan which will help it overcome many domestic manufacturing hurdles.

For tech-specs, the device has:

  • Wifi connectivity
  • 3G mobile technology
  • 1 GB of main memory
  • Flash drive extended storage support upto 32 GB
  • Lithium Ion batteries
  • Easy USB charging

With all these features, the gadget is sure to turn some heads. The company is already working on developing an Office application for the tablet PC. We are eagerly waiting to hear more on the user interface and the inclusion of more native Open Source software.

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  • Jayson Hill

    I recently thought of this idea so I googled it. Found this company doing it already! ahh well, hats off to em. Hope this thing takes off and gives the apple tablet a run for its money, assuming thats what apple is coming up with…

  • Anurag Upadhaya

    Awesome idea… brilliant, if the tablet's UI is rendered in user-friendly way

  • G

    Well, it’s cost efficient. They say it’ll be around Rs. 1,500/- as retail and Rs. 500/- for Engineering students.

    Another thing, the Android is exceptionally user friendly, though as mentioned above, I’m not sure of it’s compatibility for large screens.
    The memory could be better, but at the cost, it’s very good…. I’m waiting for it’s release.

  • Anand Gupta

    Nice article. There are many choices available when it comes to cheap tablets, FunTab being one of them (

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