Android based Vega Tablet

Innovative Converged Devices (ICD), a seattle-based electronic device company, has unveiled it’s first high-definition mobile internet device on the 11th November. ICD has previously made a digital photo-frame and a Mobile player running Windows.

However, the Tablet PC Vega, is a full streaming media, touch screen device that runs the Android. The interesting thing is that it run’s the same latest version of Android, Android 2.0 “Eclair”, as the Motorola Droid.

However, the Vega runs the NVIDIA Tegra, Nvidia’s graphics-cum-applications processor for Mobile devices which supports 1080p Full HD, found in other high-definition devices like Microsoft’s ZuneHD.

The Vega will be available in three screen sizes :   7   inches, 11 inches and the 15th inch. Currently, ICD has released the 15 inch version. It contains an accelerometer and the 3G wireless as well as 802.11b/g WLAN modules. It has USB 2.0 ports and support for MicroSD and Bluetooth. With four hours of battery life, a 3.1 MP Camera and 512 MB RAM, this is full fledged Tabled PC.

With a device like the Vega, application like On-demand TV, Gaming, Voice and SMS as well as Social Media applications, Video chatting, Music, etc. will be an enhanced experience.

Frameworks like Android, Moblin and Maemo are lowering the barrier-to-entry for company’s like ICD. The only factor that may or may not determine the success of these devices is the price-point, which, for the Vega is still unknown.

Any guesses ?