Google Provides An Overview Of Android 3.0 Honeycomb Features

Google just gave everyone present (physically) and watching the event live via YouTube a brief overview of Android 3.0 Honeycomb. First and foremost, Android 3.0 will feature an on-screen button dedicated to Multi-tasking. The new home screen on the Honeycomb features new kind of widgets that can be used by developers to pop-up important messages, right on the home screen.

Hugo demonstrated the new notification panel on Android 3.0 which is totally non-intrusive like on the Android version for mobile. The new notification system will even allow users to control apps running in the background like the Music player. Google has also built some templates which will allow developers to create new rich notification.

Hugo also said that any application that is built using the existing guidelines will run smoothly on Honeycomb as well. He demonstrated this by downloading running Fruit Ninja on a Motorola XOOM running Android 3.0. One major feature of Android 3.0 is that the 2D graphics is going to be completely hardware accelerated. Developers can accelerate the 2D animations on their app by simply adding one single line of code.


Hugo demonstrated the brand new GMail app tailor made for tablets along with the YouTube app which has a gorgeous 3D UI. The Music app on the Honeycomb looked stellar as well. Google also introduced us to a new application called the Google Body. Like the Google Maps, Google Body will allow users to view the parts of the human body and it even features Layers’.

Thomas Williamson from Wardrom Studios showed off Monster Madness and Great Battles Medieval on the XOOM. The game was ported over from the PS3 to Honeycomb using the same game assets and engine. The Great Battles Medieval was also able to fully utilize both the cores of the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor.

Honeycomb will also sport a brand new camera app with a stunning UIwhich will allow users to control greater aspects of the camera. The new GTalk for Honeycomb will feature video chatting with some nifty features including image stabilization.

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