AMD To Slash Prices Of HD48xx Series Next Month

AMD is expected to announce a price cut next month on the HD 48xx Graphics Card series line-up. The price cut is expected to be upto 50$, thanks to the lower manufacturing costs. The Price cuts arrives before AMD is expected to launch their new Dx11 series of Graphics Card line up during the coming Summer.


Thanks to the price cut, the Price of the High-End HD4890 will go down from 249$ to 199$ while the HD4870 will retail for 149$ down from its current price of 199$. The price cut helps push the HD4850 in the <100$ range and thus making it compete with HD4770, nVidia 9xxx series. The Price Cut on HD4850 will help AMD make the HD4850 act as a subsitutue for HD4770 which is currently selling like hot cakes in the market.

It looks like AMD is trying to finish the left over stock of the HD48xx series which they have before they launch the new HD5xxx Dx11 Capable Graphics Card in the market. The 50$ price cut makes the HD 48xx price very tempting and many people who already own the HD48xx series will go in for Crossfire for a better gaming performance.

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