AMD Posts Q2 Financial Results

AMD today posted their financial results for the Q2 of the year 2009 and this time again they have faced loss, though this time the figures are more encouraging. AMD reported a loss of 330 Million $ and had a total revenue of $1.18 billion, better than the total revenue of $1.13 billion which the analysts at Wall Street had predicted. AMD expects things to change from the next quarter this year, with the launch of 2 new platforms, one being the Tigris’ Platform and the other being unnamed for netbooks. AMD will also launch new server processors where AMD is still highly competitive.

AMD is expecting to return to profitability atleast on a quarterly basis from the Q3, this year. AMD has been continuously making loses from the Q2 last year. Currently AMD’s Phenom II processors have been able to compete with Intel’s Core 2 Duo/Quad Series processors both on the value for money scale and performance scale but Intel still holds the performance crown thanks to Core i7 and with Core i5 and Core i7 soon going mainstream, AMD must make sure they are able to remain competitive performance wise. AMD’s arch rival, Intel posted a good Q2, 2009 result until the fine from EU was charged which made them face a loss of $398 Million.

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