AMD ‘Piledriver’ FX Processors Officially Announced; Octa-Core Processor For $195

Today, AMD announced a refresh to its AMD FX family of processors aimed at enthusiasts and overclockers. The latest FX series processors are based on a new micro-architecture from AMD – Piledriver – that offers up to 15% better performance at a lower price point compared to the previous generation of FX processors.

“Gamers and PC enthusiasts who buy AMD FX processors have even more to cheer about with the increased speeds and value we are delivering starting today,” said Leslie Sobon, vice president of Desktop and Component Products, AMD.  “After introducing the industry’s first and only eight-core desktop processor last year, we now have even faster stock frequencies and an all-new, high-performance x86 core architecture to satisfy power-users.”

As of now, AMD will be releasing 4 different FX processors at key price points. The cheapest, FX-4300, will cost $122 and consist of 4 cores with a max frequency of 4GHz, while the top of the line FX-8350 packs a whopping 8 cores clocked at 4.2GHz with a suggested retail price of $195. The FX-6300 and FX-8320 sports 6 and 8 cores with a maximum frequency of 4.1 and 4GHz, respectively. These processors will couple for $132 and $169, respectively.

While an octa-core processor with such a high frequency within $200 sounds tempting, keep in mind that AMD’s processors are no match for Intel’s Core series in terms of performance. The company has been struggling to catch up with Intel’s tick-tock release schedule ever since the latter released its Core 2 Duo series of processors.

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