AMD Phenom II Black Edition TWKR CPU’s

phenom II TWKR black edition 00011

AMD is soon going to give-away Phenom II x4 Black Edition TWKR CPU’s to overclockers and will also be giving away few of these CPU’s in competitions. AMD Phenom II Black Edition TWKR CPU’s are hand picked from the production line and according to AMD they can overclock up to 7Ghz when the processor is cooled with Liquid Nitrogen. Only 100 of these CPU’s will be released though and none of them will be available in retail stores. The TWKR’ here stands for “Those Who Know”, and the R’ has been added to give it a tweaker’ kind sound when spelled.

These TWKR edition CPU’s have not been made with any special technology. It has been made in the same way other AMD Phenom II X4 CPU’s have been made, just that these CPU’s are more refined which basically means they can handle more voltage, higher clock speed etcetera. As the CPU’s manufacturing process grows older it can be refined so as to increase performance and reduce error.

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