AMD Launches Low Power Consuming 6 Core Based Server Class Processors

Intel might have been dominating the sales chart in the Consumer Processor Market, but AMD is still highly competitive with Intel in the server market. AMD’s Istanbul Processors have been able to compete quite successfully with Intel Dunnington 7400 series of Processors, even though Intel Server Class Processor’s performed better than AMD Processors. Today AMD launched 2 new 6 Core based Server Class Processors build on the 45nm fabrication process featuring low power consumption.image

AMD previous server class processors were also build on the 45nm fabrication process but they had a max ACP of 75W, while the newly launched Opteron 2373 EE and Opteron 2377 EE   feature a ACP of only 40W. AMD processors have been able to match Intel server class processors in pure clock speed terms and have also been successful in providing   lower power consumption.

Readers should keep in mind that AMD uses ACP method to calculate the power calculation of their Processors, instead of the usual TDP method used by Intel.

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