AMD “Istanbul” makes its debut earlier than expected

AMD today announced the availability of AMD IstanbulOpteron Processor’s by this week end. AMD IstanbulProcessor’s are 6-Core High end x86 Processor’s designed for Server Use. AMD’s IstanbulProcessor’s are based on AMD’s 45nm Quad Core Shangaiarchitecture. The new Processor’s are also equipped with a new technology called HT Assist’ which helps in significantly improving I/O performance by reducing the traffic generated by the processors in seeking the shortest path to the data. In layman language it means that HT assist keeps a track of the data present in the caches of CPU, Memory, and Hard disk and directly points the Core to the Data it needs, instead of allowing the processor to search for the data.

AMD Istanbulprocessors use the same socket which Shangaiuses i.e. Socket 1207. AMD reports that the Istanbulprocessors will give a 30% increase in performance per watt with an overall performance improvement of 40 to 50%. AMD also said that they beat their expectations in launching the Istanbulprocessors. AMD launched Istanbulprocessors way before Intel is expected to launch their new Nehalem Ex based CPU’s.

We hope that this new AMD Processor is free from bugs which plagued the launch of AMD Phenom Processors.

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