AMD, Intel to get a new competitor by 2012

AMD, Intel and VIA (which has literally no market share) are all set to face competition from a new CPU Manufacturer from Japan. In all seven companies will be forming a group so as to make a new CPU. These seven companies include the likes of Toshiba, Canon, Hitachi, NEC, Fujitsu, Panasonic and Renesas. The development of this processor is led by a Professor of Computer Science at Waseda University, Hironori Kasahara. Forbes says that the processor consumes 70% less than normal CPU’s in the market which is quite impressive.


The CPU won’t be a direct competitor for AMD/Intel and VIA though as the CPU won’t support x86 instruction set which basically means most of the software available in the market won’t run on it. The CPU instead will be used in HDTV’s, Blu-Ray Players and other electronics devices. At least this group will threaten the only ‘x86 instruction set’ rule in the market.

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