AMD HD 7970 Officially Unveiled; Its A Beast In Every Sense!

AMD today launched its next-generation high-end graphics card, the Radeon HD 7970. The HD 7970 replaces the HD 6970, and is a beast in every word. The card packs in a whopping 4.3 billion transistors, and comes with 3GB of VRAM memory. The core of the 7970 is clocked at 925MHz, and comes with 2048 stream processors with a 384-bit memory bandwith bus.

The AMD HD 7970 is also the first GPU in the world to support the PCIE 3.0 slot and be compatible with DirectX 11.1. Thanks to the new ZeroCore power feature introduced by AMD in the HD 7970, the idle power draw of the GPU while displaying anything on the screen is a mere 15W, and less than 3W with a black screen. The maximum power consumption of the card is stated at 250W, just like its predecessor.

The company officials also state that the HD 7970 has a huge overclocking ┬ápotential, and can be easily overclocked to 1GHz+ speeds. Sadly, today’s announcement from AMD was just a soft-launch. The AMD HD 7970 won’t hit the retail stores in the United States before January 9th for a suggested retail price of $549. Interested buyers can read an in-depth review of the AMD HD 7970 over at AnandTech.


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