AMD Announces New Quad-Core And Six-Core Phenom II Processors

Yesterday, AMD announced their Fusion APUs, and today, the company has released a couple of new quad-core and six-core processors for desktops. The AMD Phenom II X4 975 is the fastest quad-core ever released from the company and runs at a whopping 3.6GHz.

The X4 975 is a Black Edition (BE) processor meaning it has an unlocked multiplier thus allowing users to overclock the processor easily.


The second processor released from AMD the Phenom II X6 1065T has six-cores running at 2.9 GHz. This processor aims at striking the perfect balance between performance and power consumption with a TDP of 95W. The processor also features AMD Turbo CORE technology which helps in reducing power consumption and increasing performance under different workloads.

Both the processors will be available effective immediately. However, AMD did not mention the prices of these processors.

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