Amazon’s ‘Special Offers’ Ad Supported Kindle is a Bestseller
By on May 14th, 2011

Amazon Kindle 3According to Amazon’s list of bestsellers in the electronics category, which has been dominated by the Kindle Wi-Fi for about an year, the new #1 bestseller is the Kindle Wi-Fi with Special Offers, the advertisement supported variant of the Kindle, which is priced at $114, $25 cheaper than the $139 Kindle Wi-Fi.

When it was first announced, there were mixed reactions. Many doubted whether users would be willing to spoil their reading experience by viewing ads for $25 off. But Amazon had clarified that the ads would be display unobtrusively, only on the Kindle’s screensaver, and on the bottom of the display. No ads would be displayed in any books, thus preserving the excellent reading experience that the Kindle is known for.

So far the feedback had been quite positive, with users even finding the Special Offers quite useful, but now we have confirmation. The users have voted with their wallets; the ad-supported Kindle is now the most popular Kindle. This may lead to Amazon giving away free Kindles, supported wholly by ebook purchases and ads.

As for the ‘Special Offers’ Kindle, I suspect it will remain on the top, at least until Amazon launches the rumored Android ‘Kindle’ tablet.

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