Amazon to Launch Android Tablet in August 2011

Digitimes, the premier source for all news about the rumored Amazon Android tablet, is back with another interesting piece of news.

Apparently, Amazon is working to time the launch of its Android tablet around the peak sales period before Thanksgiving in the US and year-end holidays in the US and Europe.

It will launch its Android tablet in August or September, and is estimating sales of about 4 million tablets globally in 2011, which seems to be quite a realistic estimate.

The Amazon Android tablet will be powered by processors by Texas Instruments, touch panels by Wintek, and LCD driver ICs by ILI. The tablets will be assembled by Quanta Computer.

Amazon will provide movie streaming services to its tablet users via the Amazon Prime program.

The Amazon Kindle has been a bestseller, but Amazon needs to launch a tablet soon, in order to prevent B&N from further capturing the ebook market with devices like the Nook Color. Amazon is in a very good position currently, to launch a viable competitor to the Apple iPad.

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