Amazon Kindle To Get Social Networking Integration

It seems that the social networking bug has bitten the Amazon Kindle eBook reader as well. TheAmazon Kindle Amazon Kindle will soon be getting a firmware update which will integrate social networking into the device. The firmware update is compatible with both the Kindle and the Kindle DX. The Kindle and the Kindle DX from Amazon, are one of the most successful digital eBook readers in the market. The new firmware update is numbered 2.5.

Other notable improvements of the upcoming firmware update includes the ability to zoom and pan within PDF files, two new larger font sizes and password protection for your Kindle. Users can now also organize their books and documents into one or more collection(s). The social networking integration will allow users to share book passages with their friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Amazon said that they will be rolling out the new software update for a limited group of users for now. The firmware update will be released for the general mass in late May, 2010.

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