Adobe Demoes Prototype Android Tablet Running Flash and AIR

Apple has made it amply clear that they aren’t interested in letting Flash anywhere near its mobile devices. However, that doesn’t mean that Adobe is going to up on its plans for Mobile devices. At the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, Adobe demoed a prototype Android tablet running not only Flash, but also Adobe AIR.


The demoed device is a prototype in its truest sense. It was devoid of any branding and had an acrylic case as its enclosure. As you may expect, very little is known about this multi-touch tablet.


According to Zedomax, the mystery tablet device may shape up to be a decent offering. Even in its prototype form, it ran Adobe AIR and Flash “flawlessly”. Check out the videos below for more.

Adobe AIR demoed

Adobe Flash demoed

Adobe AIR may turn out to be a killer feature for tablet devices. There are already hundreds of Adobe AIR powered apps, including numerous popular Twitter, Facebook and YouTube clients. AIR will provide new entrants into the tablet segment a head start and offer them at least a fighting chance against Apple.

If you are not among the millions who have already purchased an iPad, you may want to hold out a bit longer. Adobe has revealed that there’s a slew of Android powered tablets in the pipeline. Although, Adobe refused to provide any specifics, by the end of the year, there should be plenty of choices in the tablet segment.

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