250Gb HDD for Microsoft Xbox 360 Now Available In US

Microsoft has finally started offering a standalone 250Gb hard disk for its popular gaming console Xbox 360, in the US. Earlier the 250Gb HDD was available as a bundle with the console in North America. All this is soon going to change though. An advertisement came up on Xbox 360 dashboard with the tagline Make More Room for Entertainmentsaying that users can now purchase a 250Gb HDD for their consoles.


Microsoft had earlier announced that it won’t be selling a standalone 250Gb hard disk for Xbox 360. The 250Gb hard disk was earlier available as a part of various Xbox 360 gaming bundles including that of Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2, and Final Fantasy XIII. Earlier, the 120Gb hard disk for Xbox 360 used to sell at the same price point, so this is definitely not a bad deal.

The 120Gb hard disk will now sell at a revised price point of 99 US$. There was no word on the pricing of the hard drive, but Amazon.com lists the product at a price of 130 US$.

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