Work Folder: Fool Your Boss While You Enjoy Your Games

I have had several experiences with having fun online but this takes the cake over all the others.

Work Folder is a site which looks just like your regular Windows Explorer. The front page of the site contains numerous Word files and Powerpoint files which make the site look like a actual desktop.


But like I said the looks are only to deceive, clicking on any of the files will load a online game which you can play. (Now how’s that for wasting time by fooling your boss).


The games are based in flash and can be loaded on any browser with Flash support. There are lots of different games available and tried few of them. The site is a real time waster so you were warned before you start using it.

The only flaw I saw in the site was that it does not have a quick way to go back to the main folder view which is shown when the site is first loaded.

There are three different resolutions you can enter the site in to match with your desktop resolution.

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