Friday Fun: Who Is More Evil Edition?

TGIF and we get to take a break and give you your regular does of , this time around we don’t have funny videos or images, just some stupid search results to know for fun which big shot company is more evil.

In this edition we take a look at search results for three search engines and compare who out of Google, Microsoft, and Apple is more evil :-), it’s for fun so have a good laugh at it.

We used the search Is corporate evilto come up with this, we replaced corporate with either Google, Microsoft or Apple.

Who Is More Evil?

Search links used: Is Google Evil | Is Yahoo Evil | Is Microsoft Evil | Is Apple Evil





Surprisingly Google is more truthful about things here, so who is more evil according to Google? And the winner.. err Loser is Google with almost 40 million results, Yahoo comes in second with 21.2 million results, Microsoft comes in third with 17.2 million results and Apple comes in last with 16.3 million results.

No matter who lost, all are losers with that huge amount of search results.

We did try searching using however the results were not that smart so we left it out. BTW who do you think is more evil out of these three corporate?

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