What does a Tornado Look Like?

Have you every wondered what a tornado looks like? Have you been lucky unlucky to be in close proximity to it. Well today being Friday you can enjoy the luxuries of watching what a Tornado looks like but within the confines of your home or office and right behind the protection of your computer screen.

Here is a video which shows you how a tornado looks like;

tornado,tornado video

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Keith Dsouza

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  • Very cool video, mate! There is something about tornadoes.. They mesmerize me with their sheer force and magnitude! I gotta post this in my Friday fun post. :-)

  • That’s great and horrible at once. I couldn’t imagine that early.

  • That’s great and horrible simultaneously. I couldn’t even imagine that Tornado find oneself near my house or family. Recommended to everyone who want to see the true power of nature.

  • I think tornado is horrible disaster…I’ve seen it in Twister. I cannot imagine how is those people chasing the real tornado…

  • Horrible. But great at the same time…
    Nature is nature – we are only small “ants” :)