The Ultimate Deadly Virus [Pranks]

Welcome to another episode of where we take a break from the usual software reviews and to bring a bit of laughter to your face. This weeks Friday fun is a deadly ultimate fake virus which can be used to play pranks on your unsuspecting friends.


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The software in question is not a virus but acts like one and will definitely have your friends scratch their heads and sweat in horror as is goes about with its job.

Here is what the ultimate virus is programmed to do (everything it does is fake :-)). At first run, a progress bar appears, that informs the user that virus loading is in progress. Then, the taskbar and desktop icons disappears. A dialog box is then displayed containing three choices:

  • Format Hard disk – If you click this button, a progress bar will appears that formatting is in progress but actually it’s not. If user click "Cancel" button, then a fake "Blue Screen Of Death" will appear!
  • Delete Windows Folder – This program will scan all files and folders on your Windows folder. After that, a progress bar appears that displaying deletion progress.
  • Delete All Contents on Local Disk – Similar to above, but it just scan folders on your root folder.

The horror does not end here and there are few more things that may drive your friends crazy. So go ahead and send the file to your friends and have fun.

Download Ultimate Virus

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Deadly Virus [Pranks]”

  1. hey i’ll give it a go. nothing a re-install can’t fix LOL plus the dev sound legit about this. and yea i was wondering if you could make it start when the mouse || keyboard gets used?
    i do some C++ but i only have a G-CC for the psp lol. but sounds fun ima try it to insure it’s a ‘legit fake virus’ and then replace a Desktop shortcut location with it. and one other thing how do you disable it? a nice cold reboot?

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