Tech Support Calls and Call Center Videos [Humor]

It’s yet another Friday and time for us to make you laugh like always. This time around we will bring to you some funny videos from tech support calls and call centers across the world.

So go ahead watch those videos and have your share of laughs for this week.

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Geeky Fun, Funny Pictures To Start Your Weekend

It’s Friday folks and time to have some fun, today we will have some Geeky fun and show you some funny images of popular devices such as iPod and more.

So go ahead and have your share of laughs for the week.

You Just Can’t Leave the iPod out of the Loo, can you?


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Work Folder: Fool Your Boss While You Enjoy Your Games

I have had several experiences with having fun online but this takes the cake over all the others.

Work Folder is a site which looks just like your regular Windows Explorer. The front page of the site contains numerous Word files and Powerpoint files which make the site look like a actual desktop.

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Funny Lessons In Logic You Should Not Miss

Ok everyone its Friday and time to start your weekend with a good laugh, the logics below are purely for fun with all pun intended. Go ahead have your share of laughs.

If your father is a poor man,
it is your fate but,
if your father-in-law is a poor man,
it’s your stupidity.

I was born intelligent –
education ruined me.

Practice makes perfect…..
But nobody’s perfect….. .
so why practice?

If it’s true that we are here to help others,
then what exactly are the others here for?

Since light travels faster than sound,
people appear bright until you hear them speak.

How come “abbreviated” is such a long word?

Money is not everything.
There’s Mastercard & Visa.

Behind every successful man, there is a woman
And behind every unsuccessful man, there are two.

Every man should marry.
After all, happiness is not the only thing in life.

The wise never marry.
and when they marry they become otherwise.

Never put off the work till tomorrow
what you can put off today.

“Your future depends on your dreams”
So go to sleep.

“Hard work never killed anybody”
But why take the risk

“Work fascinates me”
I can look at it for hours.

God made relatives;
Thank God we can choose our friends.

The more you learn, the more you know.
The more you know, the more you forget.
The more you forget, the less you know.
So.. why learn.

A bus station is where a bus stops.
A train station is where a train stops.
On my desk, I have a work station….
what more can I say……..

Have fun folks its Friday get your best clothes on and get ready to party.

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What does a Tornado Look Like?

Have you every wondered what a tornado looks like? Have you been lucky unlucky to be in close proximity to it. Well today being Friday you can enjoy the luxuries of watching what a Tornado looks like but within the confines of your home or office and right behind the protection of your computer screen.

Here is a video which shows you how a tornado looks like;

tornado,tornado video

Fun at Work: Funny Images at Workplaces

Well first of all I am back to active blogging and thanks to all of you who have kept visiting the site. What better way to get back to writing than putting a little smile on your face. Check out some funny images that will cheer you up at work, it definitely cheered me up now that I am back to work.

Need a excuse to get away from work, why not call a meeting?


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English Is Not That Easy

I am just filling in the blanks and thought that should give my readers some thing to fill in the blanks too, please leave your answers in the comments :)

You can answer in only YES or NO.

       1)  __________ I DON’T HAVE SENSE.
       2)  __________ I AM STUPID.
       3)  __________ I DONT HAVE BRAIN.

Looking forward to your answers in the comments.

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