Iceland For Sale On eBay [Friday Fun]

No offence to our readers from Iceland, and neither are we trying to make fun of their recent economic problems, but we could not stop laughing when we saw a lunatic put up Iceland for sale on eBay.

The sale started at 99 pence and was heavily bid on receiving 84 bids from 26 people, the last bid was a whipping 10 million pounds. The bid read:

"Located in the mid-Atlantic ridge in the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland will provide the winning bidder with — a habitable environment, Icelandic Horses and admittedly a somewhat sketchy financial situation,"

There were several funny question being asked by bidders which included "Do you offer volcano/earthquake insurance?", "Is it possible that my payment will be frozen?", and "Will you accept C.O.D. as a form of payment?"

The bid has been taken off by eBay as of now, but this definitely shows how a unregulated market can have lunatics selling things that do not belong to them. What next, do we see this blog on sale at eBay.

Funny Newspaper Classifieds [Friday Fun]

Welcome to another episode of Friday Fun, hope all you folks are doing good and looking forward to a great weekend ahead.

To be quite frank, I have hardly touched a newspaper for a year now, online news definitely fills up the void for me, but that said I still remember sifting through the classified section to find jobs and other things, over years I have come across several funny ones, here is reliving those memories a pick of the most funny newspaper classifieds assorted from the web.

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Friday Fun: Customers Are Not Always Right

Every now and then you may hear a customer support joke from your friends, most of the jokes are actually real and can be extremely funny to simply outrageous.

If you like such jokes, you should definitely check out Not Always Right a place where people from the customer support post about real life incidents which are quite funny.

(A man comes out of the fitting room with a pair of pants and talks to my coworker.)

Customer: So… it says here on the hanger, that it’s size 34. The tag says 34, and this other tag says 34. But there’s no freaking way I can fit into these! So what does that mean?

Coworker: Well, I guess that means you’re not a size 34…

Customer: Oh. Thanks.

If you liked the joke, you should definitely head to Not Always Right for your dose of customer support jokes.