Funny Windows Error Messages [Humor]

Sometime back we had introduced you to some funny and interesting 404 errors. Well how can we leave Windows behind, over the past years users have seen several errors which are funny and stupid and we couldn’t help but laugh at them.

Here are some funny Windows errors which we received via a email from a friend, hope you enjoy it and start your weekend with a bang.

End of the Internet as we see it


We were successful in screwing up your computer


We are watching serial keyleers


Free space needed to delete files


Give us a break, we need some fresh air too


We want you to understand and agree to gibberish


Mouse has gone shopping


We give you complete guarantee that we will screw you up


We don’t like you please go away


Feel free to share your own error messages from Windows. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to keep tuning back for more.

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  • LOL, really funny ones. I like the second last one :D Proceed/ Delete buttons!

  • ha ha lol
    this is funny ;)

  • Really funny. “The Internet cannot be stored in recycle bin is good

  • Delete or proceed? is very nice…..

  • very funny. i especially like the ‘replace user’ one.

  • LOL The 3rd one is so true :D

  • joe

    your keybored has stoped working please press f1 to fix problem is a funny one my friend showed me

  • josh

    ha ha ha ha……very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i liked the "[error] opration completd succusfully"

  • Payton

    lol, I bet people make these. They probably hit Print Screen or sys rq and opened up paint to paste. then type it then edited it. xD Nice work! I love it. I wish you can make more of those random errors…Their so fucking funneh. xD