Funny Live TV Bloopers [Funny Videos]

Funny Live TV Bloopers [Funny Videos]

It’s been couple of weeks that we skipped the Friday series due to being busy with server moves and other things, but we are back again with a new episode of Friday Fun.

This time around we are focusing on several funny incidents that have happened on live television over a period of time. Have fun with the Tech TV Bloopers.

101 Reasons Why You Should Install a Pop-Up Blocker

Collection of the most outrageous TV bloopers happened Live


Outrageous TV News Bloopers

Some More News Bloopers on Live TV continued


Aha, TV Reporters Just Keep having Bad days, Good for us :)


And it Continues


And the Winner of Live TV Bloopers goes to:


Hope you had fun with this episode of Friday Fun. Keep coming back for more such episodes and have your weekly dose of fun.

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