XBMC 11.0 “Eden” Beta Appears Just in Time for the Holidays

XBMC is an excellent choice for a media player. It can be setup on your home-theater PC; it has support for a range of remotes and it is free and open source. XBMC was released back in 2003, and it has seen active development over the last eight years. The skinning engine of XBMC is state of the art, and XBMC supports audio files too. Overall, it is the perfect jukebox and home theater software, whether you are music or movie enthusiast.


The current stable version of XBMC is “Dharma“. XBMC has recently released a beta version of their next major release XBMC 11 codenamed “Eden” for this holiday season. This release is still in testing and will reach the final release in a few months.

This Eden release has sparked a long discussion on the XBMC forum. It seems that Eden still does not have HD audio support, which can be disappointing for audiophiles. However, it is speculated that the next release Frodo has a better chance of including HD audio support.

XBMC is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple TV and as a live ISO. You can learn more about XBMC here. If you want to try out XBMC 11.0 Beta 1, links can be found at this download page. Ubuntu users have to use the XBMC Unstable PPA; Windows users can download the file “xbmc-11.0-Eden_beta1.exefrom this directory, iOS users can find upgrade instructions here. However, for live ISO users, there will not be a beta release.

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