X Server 1.8 Snapshot 2 Release

The final release of X Server 1.8 is just three months away and is scheduled to release on the 31st of March, 2010. The date of March 31st, 2010 will also mark a significant day of the release of Gnome 3.0 Gnome 2.30.

X Server 1.8 has released its second snapshot version for those who want to try out this new X.Org server in development. With the release of the second snapshot, we already have a broken X Server ABI for input, video and some extensions, which needs to be fixed. The ABI (application binary interface) will need a driver update for compatibility with NVIDIA and ATI/AMD binaries.

The snapshot two release has over 150 fixes and corrections to the last snapshot release. X.Org will feature a major improvement with the removal of HAL, which is an API, currently used to identify hardware devices.

These new features and developments will make the period of  March-April 2010 very crucial for Linux, especially for Ubuntu.

The release notes for the development release can be seen here.

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  • all the information that i written in this article is crap!!

    first of all ubuntu lucid is gonna use xorg 1.7 then gnome 3 is gonna release in september 2010. plz provide people with some useful information.

    • @om26er – We sincerely hope that you really cross check before calling us wrong.

      You might want to visit the official Gnome Release Cycle page and verify for yourself the release date for Gnome 3 http://live.gnome.org/TwoPointTwentyseven#Release… hopefully in future you will do your research before writing such comments.

        • Yes om26er. You are correct. Gnome 3.0 release date has been pushed back to September 2010. The one being released in March 2010(Gnome 2.30), which was speculated to be Gnome 3.0, will not be Gnome 3.0. The Gnome development team does not want to take any risks with a broken hasty release. Instead, Gnome release 2.3.2 in September, will be marked as Gnome 3.0.

          And the release of xorg 1.8 is crucial for Ubuntu because it is releasing just a month before the release of xorg 1.8! It would have been nice to see the new X stack in the next Ubuntu release.