Wine 1.1.36 Released, More Bugs Fixed

Wine Windows Emulator for Linux

Wine is a Windows emulator for Linux OS, which enables you to run various native Windows programs and applications, like games, mp3 players, torrent clients and so on inside Linux, without the need of any technical knowledge. Linux enthusiasts use Wine to run those Windows applications inside Linux, for whom Linux counterparts are tough to find.

The new development release of   Wine, Wine 1.1.36 is now available for download. You can download it from the official development site.

The source for this development release is available from these locations:

The new features in this release include:

  • Completion of the 16-bit separation.
  • Improved Shader Model 4 support.
  • A ton of memory leak fixes.
  • Improved debugging support for MinGW.
  • A number of MSHTML fixes.
  • Various bug fixes.

You can find more about complete list of bug fixes and change log from here.