Wine 1.2 Officially Released

For those of you who still miss the Windows applications in Linux, there is good news.

After some delay, the stable version of Wine 1.2 has finally been released. This the first major Wine update in two years, and with 3000 bug fixes and 23,000 changes from the  previous  stable release, it is indeed a major release.

Here are some of the more important  improvements/new features in Wine 1.2:

  • Support for 64-bit applications.
  • New icons based on Tango for better integration with the Unix look.
  • Applications Control Panel to manage installed applications.
  • Subpixel font rendering is now supported. This will make texts look better.
  • Digital playback of audio CDs is supported.
  • Many new OpenGL extensions are now supported.

You can view the release note with the list of changes here.

Unfortunately it is not available for Ubuntu yet, but if you want to compile from the source, here is the link to it.

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