Windows 7 Vs. Ubuntu 10.04 Graphics

Phoronix has recently conducted a total of 165 graphics tests on six different hardware configurations comparing Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 using their flagship Phoronix test suite. That level of benchmarking is enough to give us some impressive amount of data.

They ran games from various engines and tested their performance on all these configurations. The results were astounding. Quoting them,

The Intel Linux graphics driver is the real loser in these tests where it is easily and always clobbered by the Intel Windows. While the Intel Linux graphics driver is open-source and has made great strides over the past quarters with kernel mode-setting, a new 2D acceleration architecture (UXA), in-kernel memory management (GEM), a migration to DRI2, and other improvements, its performance is a joke.

It is unlikely we will see Intel’s Linux graphics driver recoup any of these major performance losses anytime soon as they are not even committed to switching to the Gallium3D architecture that is faster than the classic Mesa DRI drivers.

Ubuntu recorded a win with the NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX where it beats Windows 7 by a significant margin.

This clearly shows that, even though there has been development relative to what Ubuntu Graphics has been in the past, it is not developing as fast as graphics on Windows.

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  • How was the test done?

    • Akshat

      with the Phoronix Test Suite

  • Indian Art

    Wow, and to think Linux does not have the clout of Microsoft.

    I feel that will change with Google and Ubuntu.

  • I've been using karmic koala I'm glad about it but i heard Lucid Lynx is released. I think it has some small lacks but after I read this article I decide to try Lucid Lynx. It must be great. Thank you for informative article.

  • OK, I am a tad confused here. The Ubuntu drivers beat the Win7 drivers by a significant margin on the nVidia 9800 GTX video card, but everywhere else they lost out? Am I right in understanding the article this way?

    What it does tell me is that Ubuntu is doing something right. Surely the video card manufacturers will also develop optimum drivers for their products, regardless of operating system used?

  • And who we knew? Thanks for the article. It is worth thinking about the possibilities Ubuntu…

  • the reason why development graphics on linux not as fast as on windows is because NO hardware vendor "genuinely" supports it. i can understand why they do this. as long as there is no real fair support on both sides, the comparison between the two should not be done because the result would not represent the performance of the OS.

  • Jason

    There is no way windows is better than ubuntu at all or ever. You have to really take into account time lost for system restores in windows and plus if you test the freely available propertary driver in ubuntu against the windows prop drivers, ubuntu clearly wins.
    but even if wind has slight preformace over ubuntu, ubutnu is only free and open, and with win you have to pay for all your problems, plus take your chances with viruses. With ubuntu i keep all my apps, they update auto, along with the system, it runs better on mem, no restore no virus and no cost. Better community and whatnot, plus my windows 7 just filaed on me whenit worked so god for all this time. I guess that what i get fro trying to update a driver.
    I will never buy or steal ms products ever again, even tho the stolen torrent version work so mush better than retail.

  • Helped me loads. Still Kudos to Jason, windows cannot be better than ubuntu