What’s New In Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Alpha 1?


A few days ago, our in-house Linux expert Chinmoy, reported the release of Ubuntu 10.04’s first Alpha. True to it’s predefined schedule cycle, the Lucid Lynx – as this version of the most popular Linux distribution is called – will be releasing in April 2010.

Even though the alpha is not recommended for general public because it’s still under early stages of development, the OMG Ubuntu blog stayed true to its spirit of interest in the operating system, downloaded it the system and ran down a complete what’s-in-and-what’s-not report of the release.

As per their report, the new Ubuntu will come with a decreased number of games, cutting short the number to just 5. The Update Installer gets a new button that when clicked, will update the Updater itself, so that a broken Update installer shall not cause problems for other installations. Amongst other things, the Software Center has earned itself breadcrumbs for smoother navigation and a new application called Byubo comes pre-installed. Although not revolutionary changes, the updates are worth checking out, as it is said, small steps makes up the complete run’.

Check out the complete list of changes on OMG Ubuntu!

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