What’s New In Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Ubuntu 10.04 was released two days back and has been getting a lot of attention due to its new branding, theme etc. On the same day, KDE SC based Ubuntu derivative,  Kubuntu 10.04 was also released.

Here are the new features that made it to Kubuntu 10.04:

New Branding

Just like the new branding that Ubuntu got, Kubuntu also has a new branding for Lucid Lynx. It now has a new logo and icon which are now part of the updated Plymouth boot splash screen.

KDE Software Compilation 4.4

Kubuntu 10.04 comes with the new KDE Software Complilation 4.4. KDE SC 4.4 provides many new features like improved Nepomuk Semantic Search, tabbed windows etc.

Better Firefox Integration

In Kubuntu 10.04, Firefox is integrated more closely. Firefox now respects the KDE settings on the default applications to handle certain file-types etc. It also uses the native KDE file dialog.

Amarok 2.3

Kubuntu 10.04 comes with the latest version of Amarok i.e Amarok 2.3. Amarok 2.3 brings new features like equalizer, new toolbar etc.

Kubuntu Netboot Remix

The Kubuntu Netboot Remix  is now officially available with Kubuntu 10.04. It uses KDE SC 4.4 plamsa-netbook interface.

You can download Kubuntu 10.04 from here or read the official release note here.

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Ricky Laishram

Ricky Laishram is a Linux and FOSS enthusiast. He is passionate about open source technologies and likes to keep abreast with the latest developments in KDE and Ubuntu. He also loves listening to music and is a huge Tegan snd Sara fan. You can follow him on twitter @ricky_lais.

  • The looks are great. Judging from that, the feel should be greater. Is the panel on the desktop still there?

    • Yes its pretty awesome :)
      Yes its still there. If you look at the image, you will see it at the top. I prefer the panel at the top :p

      • Hickson Hacie

        Then use GNOME you Mac wannabee.
        For KDE desktops, try to leave the default settings.
        I personally hate all desktop settings and fine tune my computers so I have the bottom taskbar disappear when not used since the XP days.
        I also have a side bar in KDE which disappears as well.
        My point is, if Im going to do a review of KDE4.4, i would use the default settings, not my disappearing taskbars.

  • roger

    this looks good so far. the live ver. likes my wifi on my gateway. it sure feels much faster..hmm should microsoft start to worry?? i would..!! ;-)

  • Indian Art

    Looks better than Ubuntu. Now I feel like triple booting my system!

    • airy

      sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

      you can use both kde and gnome desktops

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    Kubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx)

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