Upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx from Karmic Koala

Upgrading to Ubuntu Lucid Lynx is quick and  easy. There are two methods available for the upgrade. You can either do it online or, you can use the Alternate Install CD from Ubuntu.

If you prefer to do it online, follow this step by step guide here. Though, if you do not have a reliable internet connection, a better option is to do it offline. To start with, get hold of the Alternate Install CD.

First  download the ISO from this location.  Now you have three options. Burn the Alternate CD ISO to a disk, transfer it to a thumb drive or mount the ISO locally.

If you choose the last option, mount the ISO with this command:

sudo mount -o loop /dir/ubuntu-10.04-alternate-i386.iso /media/cdrom0

Here “dir” is the path to which you have copied your Alternate Install CD ISO.

As soon as the mount is complete, a dialog will pop up asking you to upgrade. Complete the steps and let it install. This will upgrade your system to Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx LTS. Enjoy.

(Via: Webupd8)

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  • I prefer doing the online upgrade. The upgrade manager in Ubuntu 9.10 will easily help you upgrade to 10.04.

    • Agree. Or a <code>apt-get dist-upgrade</code> from a VT will do the same.

    • Indian Art

      But you could be doomed if your connection is not that fast and you have a long power outage.

      • Sepius

        My reasoning to do it via image is that I can download the ISO from my ISP for free. Doing it online will cost me bandwidth and go on my monthly download limit.

        • Indian Art

          I'm sorry I don't quite understand:

          "I can download the ISO from my ISP for free"

          Won't this also cost me bandwidth and go on my monthly download limit.

          But one advantage of doing the upgrade with the image is that one can be sure there will be no interruption in the upgrade. While doing it online can not guarantee that. The link could always break or there could be a power outage.

  • IS there any way to upgrade with a copy of the Lucid install disk – i.e. non-alternate – the usual installer?

    Just don't want to lose all my settings and packages by doing a fresh install.