Upgrade to GRUB2

Grub or the Grand Unified Boot Loader is a popular boot loader for Linux. A few months back, Grub was upgraded to Grub2. Grub2 has been reprogrammed from scratch, giving it better modularity.


Grub2 has the following goals:

  • Grub2 has added scripting support for use of loops, variables and functions.
  • Targets a better graphical user interface and dynamic loading of modules at run-time which extends the usage of the boot-loader.
  • With Grub2, we have better portability options across various platforms giving it a wider user base.
  • Grub2 has also added support for non-ascii characters.
  • Object oriented framework for devices, drives, files, file systems etc.
  • Enhanced rescue mode.
  • Cross platform installation.

All these features packed into grub2 gives it a fresh new feel.

Grub2 is available by default in the final build of Ubuntu Karmic Koala. For those looking to upgrade to grub2, follow the tutorial here.

This upgrade has some know issues on some systems. For a similar guide with recovery from an error code of error 15, visit this tutorial on grub recovery.

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