Unity Finally Set As Default In Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop

Unity Finally Set As Default In Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop

One of the talking points of Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal” is the adoption of Unity for the desktop instead of GNOME Shell.

A few days back, Unity has finally been set as the default for Ubuntu 11.04 desktop in an update to the daily build. There is not much too look at right now – it looks almost the same as Unity interface we see in Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition. There are, however, some little changes:

  • Unity now runs as a Compiz plugin
  • The launcher can be set to auto-hide or float
  • The desktop switcher works now

This is not even the alpha build, so it is quite buggy right now. If you want to try it now, you can download a daily build ISO and install it. However the Alpha will be released tomorrow and you might want to wait for it. (Warning: Do not install on a production machine.)

WebUpd8 has made a video of Unity in action in Ubuntu 11.04:

(Click here if you cannot see the embedded video.)

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